We are on the forefront of inclusivity.

We are an ensemble of people who believe that fashion - free of norms - can empower our community.

We reject the oppressive gender binary, and intentionally design apparel to be gender equal, high-quality, and produced ethically in the USA using sustainable textiles

We are obsessed to be innovative in design, perfect our signature fit and unique size line, and unite under the tenets of mutual respect, inclusivity and empowerment.

Join us 💫✨⚡

Photo by Alexa G. Sison

In 2016, Co-founders Celeste Malvar Stewart and K Terry Smith began work on what would become the Arrival Collection, a line of clothing designed from the 'ground up' to be gender equal. They showed a preview in Columbus, Ohio at a local fashion show.

Olly is a persona that represents the soul behind the brand. They are both aspirational as well as reflective of our customers. 'Awake' signifies all that we hope to inspire in the world. 

The OLLY AWAKE™ mark is a diamond, which when written on a family tree historically indicated the gender of the individual was not known. The line that sometimes bisects the diamond references the illusion we all labor under, and that through empowerment can we shatter our collective darkness and find enlightenment. 

This is a journey. We invite everyone who loves this idea to jump in and help us build this vision. 

Looking forward, we want to be a company helping to move the community forward, and to build a business that positively impacts every person and place it touches.