OLLY AWAKE™ is a Gender Equal clothing company. We want everyone to be the best versions of themselves they can be. Our clothes have no gender labels, our sales channels have no gender ‘sections’ or divisions. We believe that society deserves to have wider options when it comes to how gender is represented in their clothing. 

Olly is a persona that represents the soul behind the brand. They are both aspirational as well as reflective of our customers. 'Awake' signifies that we hope to inspire people to realize that they can 'make what they want' of their gender, and to open their eyes to all the possibilities.

//This is about Gender Equality//  

The OLLY AWAKE™ mark is a diamond, which when written on a family tree historically indicated the gender of the individual was not known. The line that sometimes bisects the diamond references the illusion we all labor under, that there is a ‘line’ that divides man and woman.

Our products are high quality, designed in Columbus and manufactured in the USA, and made from fine Egyptian cotton textiles woven and finished in Japan.

//We are not saying gender is over, we are making gender bigger and more inclusive//   

Photo by Alexa G. Sison

In 2016, designer Celeste Malvar Stewart and Founder Kevin Terry Smith began work on what would become the Arrival Collection, a line of clothing designed from the 'ground up' to be gender equal. They showed a preview in Columbus, Ohio at the Fashion Meets Music Festival. 

This is a journey. We invite everyone who loves this idea to jump in and help us build this vision. Gender is a powerful construction, and like many powerful things in the world it can be used to empower or to oppress. We have the choice!

Looking forward, we want to be a company helping to move the community forward, and to build a business that positively impacts every person and place it touches. Which is why we are committed to producing in an sustainable way; this first collection is made in the USA of ethical fabrics.

//Stay Close to Us//